How Can I Get a Copy of My Credit Report

You should always obtain a copy of your credit report before filing for bankruptcy. Everyone is entitled to one free credit report from all of the reporting agencies in any twelve-month period. There are three credit reporting agencies and you can request a report from each agency individually, or from all three at once.

In most cases, all three credit reporting agency will report similar information. By having all three at once you can compare the reports to ensure they each have the correct information. However, you will not be able to obtain another copy for at least twelve months, unless you pay for them.

You can also chose to obtain one credit report every four months by alternating your request from each reporting agency. By doing this, you can pick up on any new information as it is added.

To obtain a free copy of your credit history, you can visit or by call 877-322-8228. You will need to identify yourself by providing your name, address (and previous address if you have moved in the last six months), social security number, and date of birth.

You will also be required to answer a few questions to double check your identity. These will often be questions concerning recent credit transactions that only you would know. After confirming your identity, your credit report will be sent to you.

Before filing for bankruptcy, go through that credit report carefully. It will serve as a double check to ensure that as many debts as possible are listed on the schedule to be discharged. Lastly, your free credit report does not include your credit score. If you need a copy of your credit score, then you will need to pay for that report. For bankruptcy, you do not need your credit score, all you need is your credit report.

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy, why not call an Olathe Bankruptcy Attorney at 913-782-7075 for your free consultation.

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