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For the vast majority of people who go through divorce in Kansas, child support is determined by a formula known as the Kansas Child Support Guidelines. Based on the total income of you and your spouse and your number of children, the formula will give an overall figure for child support. Each of you will pay a percentage of that total amount. At the law office of Weston R. Moore, Attorney at Law, in Olathe, Kansas, we offer a free initial consultation to explain how child support is calculated.

There is little reason to make an issue of child support in divorce. Once your numbers are plugged into the formula, exceptions to the guideline payments are rare. The important thing for any parent to remember is that child support is money for your child, not for your ex.

Child support generally continues until your child reaches age 18. It may continue past age 18 if your child is still in high school.

 Modification and Enforcement of Child Support

Child support can be modified after divorce if your financial circumstances have changed:

  • If your earnings have increased substantially, child support can be increased.
  • If you lose your job or your earnings have decreased substantially, child support can be decreased.
  • If you gain additional children that you are responsible for supporting, your payments can be decreased.

A change in income is “substantial” if it would increase or decrease your child support payments by 15 percent or more.

If your ex is not paying you child support, we can file an enforcement action with the same judge who issued your child support order.

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