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If you are feeling the pressure of unmanageable credit card debt, you are not alone. Credit card debt is one of the most common reasons why people file for personal bankruptcy. If you have done your best but just can’t seem to put a dent in your credit card debt, consulting with a bankruptcy attorney may be a wise decision for you.

If you live in Kansas or Missouri, the law office of Weston R. Moore can help. Based in Olathe, Kansas, our firm handles bankruptcy and debt relief matters on behalf of businesses and individuals statewide throughout Kansas and Missouri.

Attorney Weston R. Moore is an experienced and dedicated attorney with nearly 15 years of legal experience. He is pleased to help clients who are facing the possibility of a home foreclosure, wage garnishment, IRS tax levy, auto repossession and other debt challenges. If you need to speak with a lawyer about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy or another debt relief measure, contact the law office of Weston R. Moore today at 913-782-7075.

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Many people are terrified of bankruptcy because they worry that they will never be able to get credit again. Some people worry that they will lose their home or all of their assets. Before you make any false assumptions about bankruptcy, schedule a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you learn. For example, you might be surprised to find out that filing bankruptcy may be better for your long term credit rating than making late payments and continuing to carry an unmanageable debt load. Read our page on restoring credit to learn more.

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