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The Effect of Bankruptcy on Civil Lawsuits and Judgments

One of the many benefits of bankruptcy is the affect it has on lawsuits and the collection of civil judgments. As soon as an individual files for bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court sends a notice stating that all further collection activity by creditors must cease. This includes the collection of judgments from civil lawsuits.

This stay of further collection activity can be removed by order of the bankruptcy court, but it is extremely difficult for creditors to do so, and therefore they seek removal of a stay very infrequently. If you have been served with notice of a lawsuit or a judgment creditor is seeking to garnish your wages to collect a judgment debt, filing bankruptcy may provide a solution to your problem. Whether or not bankruptcy is the right choice for you depends on the unique facts of your case and must be carefully examined. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can review your situation and explain your options.

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